Who Says Minimalism isn’t Chic?

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Woodie here!

Word on the street is that minimalists are fashion boring people… 

Oh no…


Minimalist fashion style has its own beauty.

The colors may appear odd but with the right combination and accessories, you can touch up your appearance…

Now let us head over to Leathie’s fashion box and hear what she’s got to say about Minimalist Fashion…



I’m Leathie your fashionista

Today I will give you an insight to why I’m a minimalist. Minimalism is about stripping back the unnecessary, leaving only the things that provide you with real value and joy. Minimalist fashion means having a minimal amount of clothes in your wardrobe that feel right for you and bring joy.

Minimalist Fashion is about keeping things SIMPLE. It doesn’t mean BORING.

Let’s go right to my top 5 reasons for being a minimalist.

  1. It helps me use and appreciate what I have

Unlike my past when I had a lot of stuff and ‘having’ nothing to wear. Being a minimalist has helped me declutter and I can match and style what I have and effectively use my accessories (leather saddle bag, wood wristwatch, handcrafted earrings to mention a few)

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

2. I’m a deliberate shopper

Owning fewer means I’m able to practice mindful buying. Because my goal is to own less, I get to focus on what, really works for my personal style and my real life.

  1. I truly believe less is more

Who says owning more is better, anyway? I’m all about quality first and there’s nothing wrong with using and reusing your items. Personally, I’m a big fan of well-made products and luxury goods (more reason you should stick with us). I love a great quality handbag, pair of shoes, or a piece of jewelry. I also don’t mind spending more on an item knowing that what I’m buying will last me long term.

  1. I save a ton of money

It’s amazing how much money I’ve saved over the last few years by not buying random and subpar things. This has been a key benefit of minimalist fashion. And minimalism can have a direct impact on improving your finances.

Now my purchases are planned and well thought out for the most part. Instead of shopping for anything and everything, I shop based on what I need and my personal style. I also have a wish list of things I really want that I know will work with my existing wardrobe.

  1. I no longer shop for my fantasy life

Yup. I had one idea of my style in my head, but then it didn’t match the real- life I was living. For instance, I was always buying cocktail dresses when I rarely ever went to any cocktail parties. Or overdosing on sequins when they are not realistic for my day-to-day life (but I do love sequins!).

Now that I’m clear on what works for me, I’m no longer shopping for my fantasy life. That also means I’m able to save a ton more money!

Minimalism, in essence, is all about taking away the flash and clutter. Ease and elegance are its hallmarks.

This is what I have for you guys this week. Stay with us on this journey ☻


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